Mass Explosion: Blast Through Your Training Plateaus!
By John Paul Catanzaro

Mass Explosion - Front Cover

Introducing a new muscle-building system!

Mass Explosion is a comprehensive guide to the art and science of building muscle. Developed by JP Catanzaro, author of The Elite Trainer, this book is filled with the latest, most up-to-date information available.

Learn how to build massive amounts of muscle, naturally. With the right system - the Mass Explosion system - you can obtain “drug-like” effects without the drugs!

Anyone can increase their size and strength after a few weeks of training, but can they keep getting results after months or years at it?

Sadly, for most people, the answer is no!

To build muscle over a long period of time, training requires structure and variety. You need structure to organize the parameters appropriately to allow the body to adapt and progress, and variety to change the variables appropriately once a lack of progress has occurred.

That’s exactly the aim of this book – a series of programs presented in a structured manner that provides sufficient variety (not too much or too little) to allow the body to adapt and progress in a continuous manner.

Mass Explosion presents a number of tried and true programs, including holistic tri-sets, rest-pause training, antagonist supersets, modern isometronics, ascending-descending pyramids, drop sets, high-volume training, forced reps, the triple stage method, and double split training. These programs work and by taking advantage of modern periodization principles, their effect is amplified the way they’re laid out.

Yet, training is just one part of the muscle-building process. You don’t grow when you train – you grow outside of the gym. The bottom line is that if you can’t recover, you can’t grow!

Here again, Mass Explosion delivers. From restoration to nutrition to supplementation to sleep, everything you need to know to optimize rest and recovery is covered. Learn all the secrets to pack on muscle, not fat.

Mass Explosion - Back Cover

Mass Explosion will help you go from skinny, scrawny and weak to BIG, muscular and strong in no time. This methodical, step-by-step system works! Learn all the behind-the-scenes secrets and tricks of the trade to help you gain "quality" weight and achieve your goals fast.

Written in an easy-to-read, no-nonsense format – there's absolutely no filler and no blank pages – just solid information that's backed by science and years of experience. If you want to attain thick, dense "show-and-go" muscles in a safe and quick manner without drugs or useless "empty-your-pocket" supplements, this book is for you!

Here’s what Mass Explosion has to offer:

  • 7 key restoration methods and how to incorporate them into a busy lifestyle
  • a nutrition primer that reveals the best single dietary tip for optimal leanness, energy, and sustained mental focus, how to sequence the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) for maximum muscle gains, how to improve absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals from your food, how to cook and prepare meals on a busy schedule, how to rotate protein sources, how much food to consume per meal and how many meals to have each day, and so many more "nuggets" of information
  • the lowdown on pre-, intra-, and post-workout supplements and which brands you should choose, the best protein powders on the market and how to improve protein absorption from your shakes, along with other notable supplements including cortisol modulators and an old-school bodybuilding secret that's sure to pack on size
  • 3 dietary, supplementation, and training plans depending on whether you are available to train in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and 1 ultimate scenario for those seeking maximum results
  • the #1 tip that you can use to instantly boost results if you're not making adequate progress in the gym, in front of the mirror, and on the scale
  • a detailed description of all the training parameters involved with this system, including sequence, exercise, sets, reps, tempo, rest interval, and frequency
  • 10 training programs featuring concepts and methods advocated over the years from various authorities such as Dr. Fred Hatfield, Mike Mentzer, Arnold Shwarzenegger, Dr. John Ziegler, Charles Poliquin, Jerry Telle, George Turner, Bill Starr, Douglas Hepburn, and Vince Gironda
  • over 130 "big bang" exercises and close to 300 professional photos – they say a picture is worth a thousand words and Mass Explosion provides you with photos of every exercise listed in the book along with a description that's sure to teach you something new

"This is a great book for anyone looking to gain muscle size from one of the most knowledgeable trainers in the world." – Bruce Krahn, Strength & Conditioning Expert and Author of The Fat Fighter Diet

"Mass Explosion is a great system for any serious lifter looking to boost their size and strength. The book contains some advanced material, but it's easy to read. If you are stale in your training and have no direction, this is the map to get you back on track!" – Dr. Eric Serrano, Sports Nutrition Expert

"You know JP, it's funny. I have read both of your books, and learned quite a bit from them both and tore them up with highlighters, but Mass Explosion in particular I found of the most benefit to me. As a trainer who loves to lift, at this point, in order to continue growing as I once did I realized that I had to really pay new levels of attention to my caloric intake; and I had to learn to treat supplementation as one of those last missing/untapped variables I could tweak in my favor. But then you read the book again and because some things may not have stood out the first time, you miss so much information that there was!

I'm writing this on a whim because I was going through Mass Explosion for some recommendations for a new client, and boom! So much I'm still not doing, and some of these things are probably crucial. It's like an encyclopedia. Thanks for a great resource! " – Alex Nurse, SSC, CPT, NKT, STR

It’s been said over and over that you either have results, or you have excuses. Catanzaro has put together a system that gets results! This system has been used on a countless number of athletes. It’s been perfected over the years, and now it’s available to you.

Advice from the internet is free – it’s also filled with misinformation. Separate fact from fiction and obtain real-world results!

You’ve read other books and tried other systems. It’s time to get results. It’s time for a Mass Explosion!

The cost is only $19.95 plus shipping. Pick up your copy today!

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